About Us

Ms. Sally’s provides quality childcare with interactive educational activities. We have trained staff with over 30 years experience in childcare and education. Located at the intersection of Hwy 292 and Gibbs road, between Inman & Lyman.

We believe that children will develop the confidence needed to reach their potential when:

  1. Each child feels secure in the presence of caring adults
  2. Each child is acknowledged and respected as an individual
  3. The environment provides age appropriate choices that encourage the child’s natural curiosity and desire to learn.
  4. Each child is exposed to a curriculum, which addresses the important dimensions of growth, social, emotional, physical, creative and cognitive development.

Our classroom responsibilities:

  1. Make choices
  2. Help each other
  3. Be a good listener
  4. Keep the room clean
  5. Take care of materials
  6. Say please and thank you
  7. Follow directions
  8. Take turns