What to expect


To be a professional in the field of child development and the care of young children, and understanding of the children in our care is crucial. Each staff member is trained in the domains of child development, and is specialized in all Health and Safety practices including First Aid, CPR, and Bloodborne Pathogens.


The curriculum has been planned to be developmentally appropriate for each age level. Our classroom is set up with learning centers that are inviting to the individual needs of the children. We base our beliefs on the Creative Curriculum’s Fundamental Beliefs.


Our Nutrition Program follows the guidelines set forth by the USDA Child Care Food Program for children.


Ms. Sally’s Learning Center recognizes the importance of physical activity for young children. Implementation of appropriate physical activity practices supports the health and development of children in care, as well as assisting in establishing positive lifestyle habits for the future.


Your child’s safety is a priority! Our facility is secure during operation hours and is only accessible by key. A parent/guardian will be required to show proper ID.


Our program generates a strong commitment from parents. We build parent support by providing our open door policy and by letting them know they can make a positive difference.

At the beginning of our new school year, parents will be able to help in our classroom by bringing in materials, sharing their expertise with small groups, and assisting with special projects.

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